Lyrics writing

Lyrics writing

A song is made up of two parts, namely the melody and the lyrics. There are lyrics in all song forms and in all music genres, for example, children or hymns as well as in pop, in rock, in hip hop or in folk music.

In English lyrics are referred to as lyrics and refer to the roots that lie in the poetry. However, lyrics do not necessarily have to be texts that adhere to a strict poetry or rhyme. In addition, lyrics are often written independently of a melody.

This means that a lyrics can be written first and only later will a melody be composed or vice versa. If you want to write your own lyrics, you will probably find that this is much more difficult than it first appears.

Instructions and tips for writing lyrics

Of course, practice is masters here, too, and songwriters learn pretty quickly what is important about good song lyrics, but mega hits are usually not easy to write along the way. Even so, writing lyrics is ultimately just a craft that requires creativity, but for which there are rules, tips, patterns, and some kind of guidance.

Writing lyrics starts with an idea.

The songwriter must first think about what he wants to write his song about. Where do copywriters take their ideas is very different. While some have their own experiences, others tell invented stories and others are inspired by their immediate surroundings, such as a car passing by or raindrops pattering against the windowpane.

By the way, it is advisable not to play music in the background when writing song lyrics, because this distracts you.

From the idea that develops into a theme, the title of the song also derives.

In most cases, the title can be found as a hook in the chorus and is therefore extremely important for the recognition value of a song.

By far the most important part of a lyrics is the chorus.

If a songwriter wants to successfully write lyrics, he should pay the most attention to this part and invest the most work, effort and time here. The chorus is usually the part of a song that the audience remembers and that it sings at concerts.

The chorus does not have to be very original, but it can just consist of one line, a few words or the title. What matters is that the refrain is memorable.

In addition to the chorus, a lyrics are also stanzas and bridges.

The stanzas tell the actual story of the song, the bridges are transitions or bridges that lead from one song part to another. Likewise, a bridge can also bring new elements into the song, such as a different time or rhythm.

Another factor that is important to the success of a song is repetition.

This means that the chorus should be repeated at least twice, because it memorizes itself better and the song is recognized faster. The lyrics of the stanzas may of course be different, but should at least have a similar melody.

There are many structures that are possible when writing song lyrics. A proven pattern is that the song consists of a stanza, the chorus, a second stanza, again the chorus, a bridge and finally the refrain again.

In another, also very often used structure, the song consists of two verses, the chorus, a bridge, the chorus, a third stanza and finally the chorus.

The melody

Perhaps the most important thing when writing song lyrics is that the melody and the lyrics must match.

This means that whoever wants to write good lyrics, has to work on and fiddle until both elements of a song merge into an inseparable unity. Applied to practice this means that a lyrics should never be bent in favor of the melody and vice versa.

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