Documentation writing

Documentation writing

A written documentation is a record that documents a particular process or object, ie records it in writing.

From the basic point of view, documentation is thus comparable to a protocol, but documentation includes all steps and measures, including preparation, planning and background information.

Real events

Documentaries are written in different areas and with different intentions. Journalistic documentaries are usually journalistic reports that are directly related to the real world. Mostly they work with certain sources or testimonies to prove that the documented events are real events and not just fiction.

Such documentaries combine explanatory and narrative elements with two different orientations:

On the one hand, the documentaries can pursue aesthetic-artistic intentions and thus delimit themselves from mere teaching documents.

On the other hand, the documentations can be entertaining. In this case, they describe possible situations from real life, but contain fictitious elements, as in the case of documentary soaps, for example.

In the context of project management, the development of products and in the professional field, for example in nursing occupations, all steps and measures taken are documented in the context of a documentation.

Conclusions and processes

The intention of such documentation is to be able to follow and review the steps later, in addition, the documentation can be used to learn from it and draw conclusions for further processes and operations.

In addition, this type of documentation is often required at school, in connection with an internship or during the final examination in vocational training. As a rule, the students or apprentices receive instructions that specify which formal structure their documentation must have.

Instructions and tips for writing a documentation

For example, this guide will indicate how extensive the documentation should be, which outline is desired, or how it should be submitted. However, many do not know what content should contain a specific documentation or in what style they have to write their documentation.

If you want to write a successful and meaningful documentation, you only have to consider a few tips. The most important tip is that a documentation is a technical work with a scientific character.

This means that a documentation is always written objectively, neutrally and precisely, technical terms can and should be used. In addition, it is advisable to write in rather short but concrete sentences.

A documentation is written in the present tense, even when writing about events that are in the past. In addition, the author should try to find as many active formulations as possible and be very careful to avoid the ego form In this reason, you can ask about write essay for me . In the case of a user manual, which is a technical documentation, no one would even come up with the idea of ​​writing in first-person form.

In terms of content, a documentation must answer essentially five questions, namely:

  • which problem had to be solved or which process had to be carried out,
  • which procedure was chosen
  • why it was this course of action that was chosen and not another, which would have been possible,
  • what measures have been taken to ensure the solution or implementation, and
  • in which the benefits or the profit lie. In addition, background information should be explained, for example, which costs have arisen or which problems can arise.

In summary, this means that documentation describes the entire path comprehensible, from the planning to the final result and including all the necessary backgrounds.

Sources may well be used because they enhance the documentation by provable facts from the field and can also be used as justifications for or against a decision.

However, it is important that the sources are correctly quoted and listed in a directory according to the applicable bibliographic standards.

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