Photo studio rental in Montreal made affordable!

We know exactly what you need when you're looking to rent a photostudio in Montreal, because we are also photographers. Our studio gives you the following:

  • Equipment

    • 3 cyclorama backdrops / 3 fonds
    • 2 softboxes + 1 500 LED light
    • Photography stage 310 square feet / Espace photo 310 Pied carré
    • Changing area / Espace d'habillage
    • Make up and hair station / Station de coiffure/maquillage
    • Rolling rack / Penderies mobile
    • Product photography background
    • Canon 5D Mark III + lenses kit starting from $175
    • Blackmagic cinema camera kit starting from $140
    • Iron & Ironing board / Fer et planche à repasser

  • Convenience

    • Easy access at central location / Accès facile, à un lieu central
    • Parking nearby / Stationnement proche
    • Bathroom and Shower / Toilettes et Douche privées
    • Equipped office with editing photo and video station (with extra)
    • Projector + sound system / Vidéoprojecteur + système de son
    • Internet Access with WIFI / Access Internet Haute-Vitesse Sans-Fil

    • Full day (8 hours)

    • $195 (taxes included)
    • Includes equipment above + 15$/hour before 9am and after 6pm
    • Contact us!
    • Half day (4 hours)

    • $109 (taxes included)
    • Includes equipment above + 15$/hour before 9am and after 6pm
    • Contact us!
    • Hourly (per hour)

    • $45 (taxes included)
    • + 15$/hour before 9am and after 6pm
    • Contact us!
Frequently asked questions:
How does it work?
Tell us what dates and times you'd like to book using the contact form below or simply call 514 660-0163. You can see our schedule below, simply pick a time slot which hasn't been taken yet.
What kind of lights do you have?
We have standard continuous lights used in video studios (2 softboxes and a led light). We can arrange rental of photography 180Ws Monolight flash 40$ per day, and additional Canon Flashes for $30 per day.
Do you rent photo and video equipment?
Thanks to our trusted partner "Heri photography", we can provide a Canon 5D Mark III + 35mm f2.0 IS + 70-200mm f2.8L IS at a special price of $140, and Blackmagic pocket cinema camera kit at a special price of $120
Can you supply models?
Yes, please supply your requirements and the type of photoshoot + any potential details about the exposure that a model will get from the shoot (which may reduce the price of modeling services). We will browse our database or models and consult ModelMayhem portal.
Until what time are you open?
Our regular hours of operation are between 9am and 6pm. We are also flexible and accomodate before 9am and 6pm, for $15 for any extra hour.
Our availabilities. Use arrow (top left of calendar) to see more weeks:

About us

We work with a simple logic. Happy customers turn into repeat business.

We are not just studio owners, we are also photographers. We sympathize with fellow artists who need a studio, but can't afford the expensive setup or don't have the space. This is why we're glad to provide our space at an affordable price at a location that is very easy to get to.


Use our studio or send us on location. The pictures will be taken from all the right angles with the lights setup in all the right places. Post editing of images is done using latest editing software. The studio space can also be rented with the option to rent lenses, cameras, lights, filters etc.

Video production

One of the Studio's co-founders organizes regular Crowdfunding meetups in Montreal. Our video commercial and guidance helped Notman house raise 120k for their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Visit us. You are welcome.